Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida

The FMO is the only organization in the State of Florida that watches over the interests of the people living in manufactured homes. Our resources are used to affect positive legislation that will protect our members. Our resources are not in abundance but the power of our membership is the advantage we have and the Legislators will listen because We VOTE!!!

Come join us and add to the Power of the Membership!

Why should you become a member of the FMO?

The FMO needs your support to continue to do what it does to protect us and our lifestyle. The FMO gets it Political strength from the number of members that it has. Manufactured home owners could never match the Park Owner’s dollars in their coffers, so the Home owners get their strength from the number of people that vote. The FMO is the ONLY organization in Florida that watches and fights for your rights. We urge you all to become FMO members. Please don’t hesitate to join and call me today for your FMO membership application.

Add to the power of the F.M.O.

Paul Lederstein, FMO Representative of Ridgewood

Fill out the form below and I will contact you immediately!

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